Big Dipper Co. 5th Year Anniversary

We’ve been blessed to be in this industry for 5 years now.

We cant be more thankful to witness these awesome love stories.

Being with you in your biggest day means a lot to us guys.

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There’s a sad connotation to the term Hopeless Romantic. Like once you test out positive for being one, people instantly think that you’re single and sappy. But please allow us to tell you that no, we romantics are not hopeless. It’s not pointless to hope to find real, head-over-heels kind of love. Many people find it (check out our page for some of the best love stories!) and someday you will, too!
So if you stumbled upon this list and suspect that you’re a hopeless romantic, then proudly browse through the symptoms below. (Yup, who cares if your seatmate finds you going “Awww” over this list.) No judgments here! After all, everyone’s a hopeless romantic once in a while

You’ve walked down the aisle countless times… in your head

And probably you’ve pictured your crush on the other end of the aisle, too. You’ve written and re-written your wedding vows and maybe even keep a Pinterest board handy. That’s totally fine! It’s great to revel in these things every now and then. Just remember to live out your dream instead of living IN it. Chase life and be happy in the Now, whatever your relationship status. We promise you, no matter how you imagine your Big Day to be, the real thing is still going to be much better because by then you’d have found someone to share all those things with.
For now, feel all the feels from Joseph and Ella’s SDE (And bring some tissue!)

Joseph & Ella from BigDipperCo. on Vimeo.

You know of 20 different ways to say I love you
without saying I love you

And that’s because of the countless romance flicks you’ve watched and stored in your hard drive. You imagine how a love confession would sound like at a bus terminal in the pouring rain. (Darn it, Star Cinema.) You’ve pictured how Oppa stops the awkard girl mid-speech with a slow-mo kiss. (Thanks a lot, K-Drama). You can keep those ideas on file as you might need to pull out those moves someday. Just remember to keep it grounded. IRL, you don’t need movie-perfect lines to have a box-office hit of a love story. Even a simple “I love you” spoken midway through a yawn would feel fantastic if it’s coming from the one you love. But if you’re looking for more ideas on how to pen those feelings, take cues from Mark and Geezel’s SDE.

Mark & Geezel from BigDipperCo. on Vimeo.

Love brings out the “Makata” in you

All that lovey-dovey feeling gush out of the heart through one outlet or another. Some people write poems, play guitar, make art, etc. If this is you, then enjoy it! Seize the inspiration while it lasts. Channel it through new and exciting ways. Make it your second wind when at work. Let it be the reason for that all-day smile on your face. Anything that brings out the best in you—including love—is never a bad thing.
And speaking of Makata, napanood mo na ba ang kakaibang SDE na ito? Kung hindi pa, ay halina’t ating tunghayan ang pag-iibigan nina Jonjay at Raphie.

Jonathan and Raffy from BigDipperCo. on Vimeo.

You cry for joy at your friends’ weddings

Other people’s happily-ever-after’s bring a tear or two to your eyes and not because of self-pity or whatever. It’s really just because—like what Katherin Heigl said in 27 Dresses—you know that someday, it’s going to be YOUR day. On that day, all your friends will also be there celebrating that moment with you. Yes, say it with me: “Someday, it will be my day.” Just wait with joy and transform into a better version of yourself while you’re at it. Love stories don’t have expiration dates. At the right time, your story will find you.
And it may look a lot like this! Savor the overflowing love of friends and family on Chris and Cheryl’s beautiful beach wedding.

Christopher and Cheryl from BigDipperCo. on Vimeo.

You keep all these ideals—yet you’re ready to meet someone who will redefine them

One good thing about being a hopeless romantic is knowing what you want. But even better is when true love comes and suddenly it becomes WHO you want and not WHAT you want. You realize that all the little details that you’ve picked out and arranged in your head would be nothing compared to the one person who—though he or she can be a mess sometimes—is the perfect mess for you. Because love IS this perfect mess that makes you want to put your “perfect list” aside and make way for new and bigger dreams together. Yes, just like how Rommel found his new dream in Zelda. Watch and swoon over their cinematic SDE.

Rommel & Zelda from BigDipperCo. on Vimeo.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

from BigDipperCo. on Vimeo.

Before the day ends, let us greet each one a Happy Valentine’s day! Let’s all remember that this day is all about love!:)