About Us


Your stories are written on the stars…

And we try to tell them like they are. Big Dipper Co. is a creative group of story tellers that harness the power of film to delight audiences, paint unforgettable moments, and speak captivating messages. That’s the long way to describe what we do as a videography team, but really–you can just call us friends.

About Us

Big Dipper Co. began as a dream among a group of friends from the wedding and advertising industries. The dream was to create films that–just like the beautiful constellation that the company is named after–display the glory of God from whom every good and perfect moment comes from. To us, there’s no better way to achieve this than to share both our talent and our lives with our clients through our very own, unique brand.

The Big Dipper Co. team is composed of veteran videographers, editors, producers, and account managers with years of experience in covering weddings, portraits, commercials, and corporate shoots, among many others.



Big Dipper Co. Weddings

Your special day is all about you–your story, your lives, your message. This is why we never miss out on the opportunity to get to know you. We make sure to that we capture your day’s special moments and tell it to the tune of your personality. Whether you’re looking for a vibe that’s elegant, crazy, sexy, chill, quirky, or fun, you can be sure to have a video that feels like your own love story’s being told to you. After all, there’s nothing like the feeling of reliving that special day when you watch your wedding videos many years down the road.




Meet the Team


Julius Patricio

Owner and videographer

Five hundred weddings, five hundred love stories. With all of the years that he has put in the wedding film craft, you can say that Julius is a master of the romantic and cinematic. Julius carries a degree in Multimedia Arts in 2009 and began his career in video production work through TVCs and music videos. When he’s not holding the camera, he consumes a ton of movies, play video games, and sleep like a bear. When you see him, try to ask him to show you his special talent: making his thumb dance!


Jelyn Battung

Owner, Head of Marketing, and SDE Editor

“Me? I’m the company’s muse,” is what Jelyn will jokingly tell you when you ask her about what she does for Big Dipper Co. Hailing from a teen-hood of pageants and modelling stints, Jelyn is truly the company’s lovely rose among the thorns. But beyond that, she is also the gifted editor-slash-story-teller and marketer of the team. Clients and couples alike will always have something dear to say about this charming gal. Off work, Jelyn keeps her hands busy practicing calligraphy. Her special talent? Singing. (Well, that’s what she says! Haha.)


Flip Penas

Owner and videographer

Another young wizard behind the lens is Flip Penas. He also comes with a Multimedia Arts background and years of shooting experience under his belt. Flip met with Julius and Jelyn when they were working in the same wedding studio some three years ago. Their amazing friendship became the foundation that they needed to start the company. When asked about the importance of turning to veteran video outfits like Big Dipper Co., Flip says, “Clients need veterans like us because we know what it takes to make or break a video. It is our role to give attention to the littlest detail to make sure that the output is up to par with our clients’ standards.”